Kyrgyzstan: Human Resource Development Starts from School

The system of education is directly related to the national economy – an educated generation will create strong economy, experts say.


Fate of Kyrgyz Proselytes: Beaten, Buried Three Times

On October 16 this year, three drunk young men broke into the house and attacked a 25-year-old young man in Tamchy village of Issyk Kul oblast, Kyrgyzstan. This is a version suggested by the family of the man who was beaten. He was a Kyrgyz proselyte and practised Christianity. He has severe brain concussion, one eye injury, a broken jaw, knocked out teeth, and multiple injuries. The young man is still in the territorial hospital.

How the Funded Component of Pension Works? (Part 3)

The funded part of pension emerged eight years ago and is taken from 2 per cent of employee’s wage.


Combating Extremism in Kyrgyzstan. Everyone’s At Risk

Criminal prosecution for possessing extremist materials is a part of general repressive policy carried out in Kyrgyzstan and other states of Central Asia under the guise of combating Islamic extremism, as noted in the Human Rights Watch report. (more…)

How to Calculate the Insurance Portion of Pension? (Part 2)

The insurance portion of pension consists of two components: first and second insurance portions

“No One is Willing to be a Teacher”. School Education Issues in Developed Countries

The status of school education system in Western countries is not as dire as in Kyrgyzstan, yet has identical issues.


Why Would Kyrgyzstan Develop Islamic Banking?

Islamic banking was first launched not very long ago – 40 years ago. However, Islamic principles have become in focus of the world financial sector after the global recession because Islamic financial institutions, unlike conventional ones, have proved to be stable.

How Pension System Works in Kyrgyzstan

It’s not easy to understand how the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic calculates the amount of pension. (more…)

How Pension System Works in Kyrgyzstan

It’s not easy to understand how the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic calculates the amount of pension.

Kyrgyz Women Call for More Religious Representation

Complaints that communal bodies exclude female voices from organisation roles. (more…)


Events of bureau

IWPR Kyrgyzstan is LOOKING for a Communications INTERN

IWPR Kyrgyzstan is currently looking for a highly motivated and organized young individual for the position of the Communications Intern. We are seeking an ambitious and creative person who.. 02.05.18
IWPR and OSCE Academy in Bishkek To Enhance Capacity of Young Experts in Central Asia

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and OSCE Academy in Bishkek launch the three-year project to enhance the capacity of the new generation of analysts and journalists in Centra.. 23.02.18
IWPR  in Tajikistan Awarded Best Journalists Covering Radicalism, Human Rights and Religious Liberties

The IWPR representative office in Tajikistan selected best journalistic materials covering the struggle against radicalism in Tajikistan in 2017... 21.12.17