Events of bureau / Kazakhstan

IWPR Contributor Nominated for Prestigious Freedom of Expression Award

One of IWPR’s long-term contributors from Kazakstan, Gaziza Baituova, has been nominated for the Index on Censorship Journalism Award 2017... 06.12.16
IWPR Kazakhstan is seeking for a Trainer for development of an Alternative Report

Institute for War & Peace Reporting is seeking for Regional Trainer for  delivering training on the development of a.. 26.08.15

Investigative reporting / Kazakhstan

IWPR Kazakhstan: HIV: People are dying because of people

In our society, people are increasingly witnessing the horrific stories about friends, colleagues and even strangers who are victims of a terrible disease that is HIV. The mortality ra.. 13.03.15
IWPR Kazakhstan: “I believe that “Time is the Best Healer”

A few years ago in Shymkent, the story about spreading HIV infection caused a wave of anxiety among the population. Families were torn apart, people lost their loved ones. Misund..