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IWPR holds regular trainings for students and journalists from across Central Asia, with their materials published in Russian and national languages on the analytical platform CABAR.asia and in English for international readers on iwpr.net . Articles by IWPR reporters cover current events andsignificant trends that affect the lives of people in the whole Central Asian region.

Islamic State Link to Kyrgyzstan Firefight

The security service says robust action prevented major attacks on local targets. (more…)

Tajiks Talk Up Afghan Spillover Risks

Government think-tank says 8,000 militants are operating in parts of Afghanistan near to the Tajik frontier. Experts in Tajikistan are warning of an imminent threat from Islamic militants based just over the border in Afghanistan. (more…)

Kyrgyz Politics Still Too Close to the Mob?

Organised crime has had a symbiotic relationship with the political world for years.Ahead of Kyrgyzstan’s parliamentary election later this year, a former top security officer has warned of the continuing links between politics and organised crime. 

Kyrgyz Constitutional Change Delayed, Not Dropped

President agrees tactical retreat on controversial legislation, but insists change is inevitable. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan Judge’s Dismissal Looks Like Government Interference

Case highlights wider concerns about an executive that seems to be trying to mould the constitutional court into a weak, pliable institution. (more…)

New Trade Rules No Barrier to Kyrgyz Contraband

Strategic position and porous borders makes Central Asian state ideal location for trading, and smuggling too. (more…)

The consolidation of peace in southern Kyrgyzstan: the effectiveness of the strategy after five years

“Now, many ethnic Uzbeks are forced to develop their own survival strategies, re-registering their property on the names of the Kyrgyz in order to avoid the “accusations of excessive prosperity”. But if you think about it, business is the only free niche for people who have limited access to education and work”, said Zamira Isakova, an expert on political and security issues, in an article written specifically for cabar.asia. (more…)

Unfinished Business in Kyrgyzstan

Five years on from bloodshed, shiny new buildings belie an enduring sense of unease and mistrust between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks.

Islam vs. Secularism in Kyrgyzstan

As the public and politicians declare stronger Muslim identity, the challenge is to prevent extremist views from undermining the state.


Kyrgyz State Orphanages Offer Bleak Future

Experts say contrast between care of children in state and private homes has huge impact on their prospects.

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IWPR conducted Trainings for Imam Khatibs in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Trainings in Kyrgyzstan were held in Jalalabat, Osh and Batken cities, in Kazakhstan –  Kyzylorda, Turkestan and Taraz cities...

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