Drawing Out Kazakstan’s Social Tensions

How one artist is trying to stir public debate through humour. (more…)

Endless Stream of Kyrgyz Refugees to the US

Receiving asylum for the nationals of Kyrgyzstan is the most common way of legalization in the US, even if nothing actually threatens them back home. (more…)

Islam’s Psychological Comfort for Kyrgyz Women

Once the preserve of rural communities, imams are now providing counselling in urban areas. (more…)

Tilek Mamutov – On Internet Balloons

A Google employee from Kyrgyzstan explains how internet would affect the quality of life and how they are trying to make internet available to every person on Earth. (more…)

Pressure Mounts on Tajik Army

Dushanbe wants to boost its defence forces, but people simply don’t want to join up. Maryam is desperately worried about the eldest of her three sons, who has just turned 18. (more…)

Kazak Zoo Scandal Highlights Animal Rights

The plight of a female tiger has caught public attention and raised hopes for change. A series of deaths among rare animals in one of Kazakstan’s largest zoos have highlighted the country’s lack of legislation to protect animal welfare. (more…)

Ashgabat’s Immaculate White Marble Façade

Grand architecture aims to reinforce national identity, but the human reality is different. The Turkmen capital Ashgabat stretches out in an expanse of opulent white marble palaces, government buildings, golden domes and carefully manicured parks.


Does Tajik Journalism Face Extinction?

Credible reporting is disappearing from the public discourse. Freedom of speech in Tajikistan is in crisis, with the state strengthening its control over the media and independent outlets increasingly unwilling to take any risks with their content. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: Islam and Secularism Clash Again

Faith has been growing as a force in the country ever since independence.


Uzbekistan’s Latest Answer to Facebook

The government wants to control people’s lives both online and offline.


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IWPR Kyrgyzstan is LOOKING for a Communications INTERN

IWPR Kyrgyzstan is currently looking for a highly motivated and organized young individual for the position of the Communications Intern. We are seeking an ambitious and creative person who..

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IWPR and OSCE Academy in Bishkek To Enhance Capacity of Young Experts in Central Asia

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and OSCE Academy in Bishkek launch the three-year project to enhance the capacity of the new generation of analysts and journalists in Centra..

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IWPR  in Tajikistan Awarded Best Journalists Covering Radicalism, Human Rights and Religious Liberties

The IWPR representative office in Tajikistan selected best journalistic materials covering the struggle against radicalism in Tajikistan in 2017...

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