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IWPR holds regular trainings for students and journalists from across Central Asia, with their materials published in Russian and national languages on the analytical platform CABAR.asia and in English for international readers on iwpr.net . Articles by IWPR reporters cover current events andsignificant trends that affect the lives of people in the whole Central Asian region.

Internet in Uzbekistan: Blocking or Incompetent Specialists?

In mid-January, Uzbekistan provided access to Facebook and YouTube all of a sudden. Many people thought it was related to the forthcoming visit of president Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Europe, but later that evening the access to these services was denied again.

Converted Tajiks Are Afraid to Talk About Their New Faith

Most of the Tajiks who changed their religion hide their new religious views out of fear of condemnation by others.

Central Asia: 10 Year Challenge

What has changed in Central Asian states since 2009?



Kyrgyzstan “Opens Skies”. What Does it Mean?

On January 25, Kyrgyzstan brings into effect the amendments to the Aviation Code – the country has announced the fifth freedom of the air and the open skies policy application. The aircraft of foreign airlines may now land in Kyrgyz airports, take passengers or cargo and continue on.

Could China Be Softening Stance on Kazak, Kyrgyz Minorities?

Mass release of detainees stirs hopes that international criticism may be working. (more…)

A Vaccine of Discord, or Why Parents in Kyrgyzstan Refuse Vaccination

Last year Kyrgyzstan started talking about the mandatory children’s vaccination law. This year the bill should be submitted to the executive office of the government. If adopted, the only reason for vaccination refusal will be doctors’ recommendations only.

“Let’s Be a Human.” Cemetery Vandalism in Kyrgyzstan

According to experts, currently Kyrgyzstan pays much attention to the extremism and terrorism issues, while the religious intolerance, interreligious dialogue, non-discrimination have become secondary issues.


Vaccination in Tajikistan: Pros and Cons

Despite the high level of vaccination coverage in Tajikistan, there have been many debates around the vaccines lately. Some think it’s necessary protection of children against dangerous viruses, others believe the rumours that they weaken child’s organism. Moreover, parents complaint that some health workers don’t pay attention to the child’s health during vaccination.



“It’s My Child, I’ll Do Whatever I Want.” Why Uzbekistanis Refuse Vaccination

Health workers in Uzbekistan say parents more often refuse to have their children vaccinated because of fear of complications, on religious grounds, and some say “it makes no sense” and “it’s my child, I’ll do whatever I want”.


Kazakhstanis in Search of Nirvana: How Buddhism Came to Kazakhstan

Buddhism has existed in Kazakhstan since the 17th century, which is evidenced by the ancient pagodas and temples discovered by scientists during excavations. Buddhist rock carvings on river Ili and in Tarbagatai, as well as the remnants of Buddhist pagodas: Kyzyl Kent palace in Karaganda oblast and fortress-monastery Ablainkit in East Kazakhstan oblast date back to that period. (more…)

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IWPR Central Asia Vacancy Announcement: Project Coordinator for Central Asia based in Bishkek

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