Could Uzbekistan Lead Central Asia?

In surprise move, previously isolated state calls for tighter regional integration. (more…)

Uzbekistan’s New President – a Reformer or Another Dictator?

Initial moves towards reform have not convinced observers that the new leader will end a quarter of a century of dictatorial rule. (more…)

Tajik Parents Say ‘Da’ to Russian-Language Schools

Families willing to go to great lengths to ensure children get a specialised education.


Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: Paper Tiger or Sleeping Dragon?

Eurasian grouping will include half of the world’s population when it expands next year.


Uzbekistan: Karimov’s Legacy

How has the late leader left his country after 25 years of autocratic rule?


Uzbekistan: After the Patriarch

The late leader leaves a tainted legacy and no evident successor.


Photo essay: 25 Years of Karimov’s Rule

Looking back at images of life in the quarter-century since independence.


With Karimov Ailing, What Next for Uzbekistan?

The authoritarian system built over 25 years may outlast any one leader.


Uzbekistan’s Latest Answer to Facebook

The government wants to control people’s lives both online and offline.


Uzbekistan’s Fragile Rural Idyll

The countryside may be beautiful, but its communities face an uncertian future.



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IWPR Kyrgyzstan is LOOKING for a Communications INTERN

IWPR Kyrgyzstan is currently looking for a highly motivated and organized young individual for the position of the Communications Intern. We are seeking an ambitious and creative person who.. 02.05.18
IWPR and OSCE Academy in Bishkek To Enhance Capacity of Young Experts in Central Asia

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and OSCE Academy in Bishkek launch the three-year project to enhance the capacity of the new generation of analysts and journalists in Centra.. 23.02.18
IWPR  in Tajikistan Awarded Best Journalists Covering Radicalism, Human Rights and Religious Liberties

The IWPR representative office in Tajikistan selected best journalistic materials covering the struggle against radicalism in Tajikistan in 2017... 21.12.17