Central Asian Hydropower System: Doomed to Joint Development

The potential of Central Asian states to provide electricity grows each year, but hydropower issues have to be solved together, taking into account the interests of all Central Asian countries, experts say.

Uzbekistan: A New Journalist-making “Factory”

According to experts, the monopoly in the preparation of future journalists of the newly created University of Journalism and Mass Communications of Uzbekistan will not have such a positive impact as deemed by the authorities.


Commodity Turnover at Dostuk Checkpoint: Silence, Boom, Decline

More than a year has passed after the loosening of control at the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border. During this period, over two million people have crossed Dostuk checkpoint, which is seven times more compared to the similar period before the thaw in relations between the states. This has also affected the strengthening of kinship relationships, queues at the border and the growth of commodity turnover.

Prison Term for Likes, Shares. How Central Asia Counters Extremism in Social Media

According to experts, the authorities in the region should revise the rigid policy of imprisonment for unintentional actions in social media.


Uzbek President Builds New Relations with Vladimir Putin

On October 18-19, Russian president is arriving at Uzbekistan on a state visit.


When Will the ‘Honey Moon’ Between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan End?

The strategic partnership agreement between the two republics is a serious test of possible strengthening of cooperation, as analysts said.

Uzbekistan: People with Disabilities Don’t Fight for their Rights

In Uzbekistan, people with disabilities encounter many difficulties. Now, in the warm season, people with disabilities complain that they virtually have no recreation places to visit. What should be done to make all citizens of the country, regardless of their health status, have access to the urban recreation space?

Uzbek President Reins In Security Service

Once-mighty intelligence agency weakened by a serious shake-up. (more…)

Historic Visit Boosts Uzbek-Tajik Ties

Trip is latest in leader’s efforts to improve a range of regional relations. (more…)

Opening Up Uzbekistan to Tourism

Tashkent wants to attract more visitors to previously isolated country. (more…)


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IWPR Kyrgyzstan is LOOKING for a Communications INTERN

IWPR Kyrgyzstan is currently looking for a highly motivated and organized young individual for the position of the Communications Intern. We are seeking an ambitious and creative person who..

CABAR.asia 02.05.18
IWPR and OSCE Academy in Bishkek To Enhance Capacity of Young Experts in Central Asia

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and OSCE Academy in Bishkek launch the three-year project to enhance the capacity of the new generation of analysts and journalists in Centra..

CABAR.asia 23.02.18
IWPR  in Tajikistan Awarded Best Journalists Covering Radicalism, Human Rights and Religious Liberties

The IWPR representative office in Tajikistan selected best journalistic materials covering the struggle against radicalism in Tajikistan in 2017...

CABAR.asia 21.12.17