Articles on Central Asia

What Kazakhstan Will Be like After Presidential Election? 11.06.19

Half a million votes for an opposition candidate must move the authorities in Nur-Sultan to defer to the protesters’ opinion, according to analysts. (more…)

What Do Protesting Moods in Kazakhstan Tell About?

Asel Sultan 07.06.19

No wonder protesting moods in Kazakhstan have taken place during the shift of power in the country. Young people have felt the possibility of social and political changes after the resignation of president Nazarbayev, experts said. (more…)

Orthodoxy in Jalal-Abad: Stronger Belief, Harder Life

There is no exact data available on the emergence of Orthodoxy in southern Kyrgyzstan. However, according to Ekaterina Ozmitel, doctor of historical sciences, a small Orthodox community in Jalal-Abad region first appeared in the 1930s.  It gave shelter to priests, nuns and believers from Russia and Kazakhstan, who were persecuted by the Soviet government.

Rights of Children in Tajikistan: Ample Room for Improvement 06.06.19

The annual reports of the government of Tajikistan to the UN state the fulfillment of the obligations. Nongovernmental organizations also note that Tajikistan has taken several steps forward in protecting the rights of children over the years.

Exchange of Tourists via Caspian Sea: Challenges and Prospects

The countries of Central Asia and South Caucasus don’t count on each other in terms of tourism and are pursuing a more aggressive campaign promoting their countries in non-CIS countries.


Vandalism in the Cemeteries of Tajikistan: Imprudence or Radicals’ Provocations? 05.06.19

In Tajikistan, the case of vandalism at a cemetery in the Bogi Kalon village of Istaravshan district, Sughd region, was dismissed.

Can Uzbekistan Attract Mass Tourists to Central Asia? 03.06.19

One of the most closed countries of former USSR opens doors to the rest of the world, but mass tourists don’t visit the region.


Rogun HPP: Financial Problems, Accident and Non-Transparency 31.05.19

The largest construction site in Tajikistan, the Rogun HPP, is experiencing financial and technical problems alongside the non-transparent financial processes. expert doubts that the authorities will be able to complete construction without investors.

Adult Problems of Underage Kyrgyzstanis

Every third child in Kyrgyzstan lives in poverty and their number is rising every year.


The Hajj Price in Tajikistan Went up Again. According to the Government, the Reason Is the Rising Prices in Saudi Arabia 30.05.19

In Tajikistan, in the context of the state’s monopoly, the authorities raised prices for the hajj again.